If you can think it, see it, hear it or click it...We can create it...
​Because we would like everyone to know your business.
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TV Advertising, Production, Schedules and
​budget-minded Campaigns.


Advertising Production and Campaigns
​to make the most of the airwaves.


Everything from Design to Hosting -
​from a low, low price of $490.

social media marketing

Posts, Edits and Inspiration for online
​Competitions and Promotions.

outdoor signage

Roadside and Street Signage - Large and Small. Give your business prominence.

promotional materials

Cups, Packaging, Banners, Marquees, almost anything - Choose your medium.

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radio and television

The right word in the right place

  • DPA's copywriters are
  • experienced in the creation of
  • sharp scripts to sell your idea.

Connect and have a word...

CLIck here

it's your business

Take it to a new level

  • DPAdvertising can provide
  • all the options and clues to
  • market your business correctly

Ask our advice on marketing


creativity and flair

From idea to implementation

  • All aspects of the creative process
  • will be discussed and explained
  • to each and every client.

Willing to create something new?

ASk how we can help

social media promotion

Take your business to the world

  • Social platforms have become
  • the versatile, go-to medium for
  • speedy business promotion.

Have an idea you want to share?

newbie's advice

outdoor signage

On show wherever you go

  • In front of your eyes every day
  • whether driving, sitting or walking.
  • Outdoor signs are always on show.

On the road or on the street.

Ask our advice

promotional merchandise

​Make a splash in the marketplace

  • ​Your logo, your slogan, printed on
  • promotional products used
  • everyday, everywhere.

Your name on anything.

  • carol and her team at dpa go above and beyond. we are so impressed with how they just "get" what it is we are trying to achieve and they aren't afraid to make suggestions that we haven't even considered! carol, thanks for everything you bring to our business. we really appreciate the partnership.

    Michelle Cross - Elders Insurance

  • our company has been enlisting the service of dpa for 5 years or more. it has made the arduous task of marketing and advertising a "no-brainer" for us. dpa are always bringing new options to the table and has always offered their best price, straight up. carol's professional, honest and friendly attitude, together with her knowledge of the industry is absolutely why dixon homes prefer DPA!

    Helen Mulherin - Dixon Homes

  • carol and the team at dpa are nothing short of totally amazing. they are always ahead of my scheduling, ensuring our advertising needs are met and exceeded. they keep me on track and keep our business moving forward and i am so grateful for all they do. could not be happier! thank you, carol and the team at dpa.

    Sherie Kemp - Crest Around the Moon

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